Scott Pero, Theatre Major


Scott Pero


September 23, 2013

Scott Pero, Theatre Major


Being less than an hour away from New York City is amazing. Whether we’re going to see a show, ice skating in the winter or visiting a museum, my friends and I always find something to do in the Big Apple. Our most frequent trips are to Midtown Comics and The Strand bookstore for all our reading needs. I have seen the Broadway show Wicked twice thanks to Adelphi, as well as numerous other shows that you can really only experience in New York City.

The look and feel of the Adelphi campus and the surrounding area really stand out. As an out-of-state student (from Massachusetts) looking for the right school, you want somewhere that feels like a second home. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes between Garden City and the area of Boston I’m from.

To me, Adelphi feels like a second home. I have a theory that it’s all the brick buildings on campus that makes it feel home-y. The opportunity to get involved at Adelphi is another reason I feel at home here. From all the different areas of Adelphi that I’m involved in, I’ve developed new families here—my fraternity, the Theatre department, my fellow orientation leaders, the list goes on and on. I’ve never felt ostracized because I’m not from New York. I got involved and blended right in.

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