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Our Faculty

Our faculty will guide you in honing your creative abilities.

Adelphi’s English faculty are renowned for their creative works and critical study, as evidenced by the extensive works published, awards granted and fellowships earned by department members. Click on faculty names for more information about each professor’s experience and contact information.


Peter H. West
Department Chair
Harvey Hall, Room 216
p – 516.877.4027
e –
Judith Baumel
Director of M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing
Harvey Hall, Room 218
p – 516.877.4031
e –

Phyllis Clancy
Administrative Assistant
Harvey Hall, Room 216
p – 516.877.4020


Judith Baumel
Director of M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing

Jennifer Fleischner

Kermit Frazier

Igor Webb

Susan Weisser

Associate Professors

Martha S. Cooley

Anton Dudley

Jacqueline Jones LaMon

Michael E. Matto

Lahney Preston-Matto

Peter H. West
Department Chair

Assistant Professors

Craig Carson

Catherine H. Chung

Louise Geddes

Adjunct Faculty

David Carpenter

Maureen G. Cassidy

Madeline F. Craig

Meghan R. Curley

Andrew Davie

Elliott M. Freeman

Jessica A. Juhrend

Rachel L. Kennedy

Adam Kraar

Daniel Larkins

Danielle Loughran

Amber Magruder

Iris Mahan

Siobhan K. May

Arli H. Middendorf

Tiffany J. Nesbit

Carol Newell

Annette A. Novak-Lamvichit

Jenny Ortiz

David E. Pecan

Deborah A. Picone

Gabrielle Pierre

Marc Prinz

Julia Raynor

Matthew S. Reeck

Eugene H. Roth
Senior Adjunct Faculty

Caitlin C. Scena

Grace A. Siciliano

Sarah Strickland

Darrian Thomas

Spurgeon Thompson

Christine L. Utz

Richard H. Webb

Katherine Wilson

Matthew P. Zingg

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